Thursday, February 25, 2010

Create Your Own Half-Blood!

This is where you can create your own characters, join, and fanfiction. You can draw them, make stories, or whatever you want. Even I will be doing that with my characters. Or if ya want, you can make up stuff about the Percy and his friends. Basically, on this page, have fun and do what ever you like!

-Zoey Daughter of Zues


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  2. Eliza
    Daughter of Aphordite
    Red hair and green eyes
    Gold Knife and a Bow and arrow made of steel.

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  5. Sierra
    Daughter of Hera
    Light Brown hair and green eyes
    Peacock feather (mother's sign) that turns into sword
    Has pet falcon(Alec)


    Percy Jackson Rocks!!

  6. Meg
    a dirty blond girl with green-blue eyes
    hunter of Artemis and daughter of Apollo.



  7. Can you change me too akid of Artemis? I relly dontcare if she vowed.. and thts the wronge pic

  8. Raina
    A 15 (almost 16) year old dark haired girl with green-blue eyes.
    Hunter of Artemis and a daughter of Zeus.
    Smart, has a talent of knowing what people are thinking.Stubborn but determined, and tries to do what is right.
    Weapons: Long dagger (that can change in length)with steel on one side and celestial bronze on the other side.Also, her bows and arrows (Poison tipped), and shurikens, which are also known as ninja stars.
    Pets: A pegasus, called Swiftwing, and a golden hawk crossed with a falcon named Fireshadow
    Raina's pic:
    Swiftwing's pic:
    Fireshadow's pic:

  9. Selene
    16, with dark brown curly hear and brown eyes
    Daughter of Hermes
    Sly, quick and clever. If something is suddenly missing from your pocket, Selene has it.
    Weapons: Wicked sharp curved blade, with sybols of ancient greek written on it.
    Winged shoes, of cource.
    Pets: A black cat named Nim

    Can't find pics

  10. Dax
    13, straight black hair
    loves heat and water and good with a bow and arrow
    Weapons silver braclet that transforms into a sheild with a trident and a light ning bolt on it and tidebiter a black pen with a gold tip that transforms into a steel sword with celestial bronze edges and a styngian iron tip
    Pets:jack russel named J.R. and a husky named snowball

  11. eye color changes from black to blue to green

  12. thinks he is either a son of athena hephaestus poseidon or apollo

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  14. Zak
    13, black hair usually a little messed up
    his eyes are blueish-green
    Son of Hephaestus
    Weapons: backtide
    Pets: falcon and a hawk they are named avalon and meeko

  15. zak has the power to read minds

  16. back tide is a celestial bronse sword with a secret feature when needed it transforms into sytingian iron

  17. picture of dax's jack russel:

    picture of dax's husky:

    picture of zak's falcon:

    picture of zak's hawk:

    picture of backtide when sytingian:

  18. Adriane
    13, black hair ice blue eyes
    daughter of Poisidon, but is a hunter of Artemis
    has a temper but can be fun
    weapons-wight tide- double celestial bronze blade that turns into a leather necklace
    Pets- Mistfire- friend wolf that saved her life

  19. Deanna

    Daughter of Zeus

    12, with black hair and eyes.

    She ignores people a lot, and tends to be quiet.

    Weapons: bows and arrows


  20. Bree

    Daughter of Hades

    13, She has long red hair and blue eyes.

    She is fiery, out going, she can be rude sometimes. But if she trust you she can be the most loyal person you'll meet.

    Wepons : A long bow

  21. Chyras
    daughter of Hermes
    has the gifts of Wings, high-speed travel, cleverness
    14 yrs old
    Has longish blond,slightly red, wavy hair and piercing blue eyes. 6' 1", 15 ft. wingspand, mostly white wings, some primaries and tips are a golden brownish red color.
    Personality: Sarcastic, great sense of humor, flirty depending her mood, loves singing!!

  22. Cynthia
    Daughter of Atlas
    Her father gave her two celestial bronze broadswords(duel swords)and a pearl dagger enchanted to work on demi-gods,monsters and mortals.
    16 years old
    Has black hair with blond highlights and dark blue eyes like the night sky.She is careless but very quiet.She never likes to talk about her past.She likes to play her electric guitar and sing.She has a white pegasus named Sky.
    link to Cynthia's pic:

    Link to Sky's pic:

  23. Andrew
    Son of Ares
    A spear that can make an everlasting wound(gift), a shield that has my name in greek carved in it(quest item)and a stygian steel dagger.
    13 years ald
    Has blond hair and greenish gray eyes. Has a short temper. Has a red pegasus named Phantom.

  24. Name: Sara
    Parent: Daughter of Athena
    Weapon: A silver bracelet that turns into a sword, axe, or bow and arrows(gift) and another bracelet that turns into a bronze shield.
    Age: 12
    Pet: Two twin tiger cubs named Ice and Ash

  25. Brooke, age 14
    Daughter of Poseidon/Neptune

    Characteristics: strawberry blonde hair,eyes that change shades of blue, depending on mood. but when angry, eys fade into eye sockets and all that is left is blue flames flickering wildly where the pupil once was. Considered the most powerful demigod ever born because she may be the daughter of Poseidon, but is related to all the other gods and goddesses on Olympus. Her sword was crafted by Hephastus himself, celestial bronze, but with silver, blue, and black jewels at the helm. Strikingly beautiul, and even A[hrodite herself calls her more beautiful than her. Brooke is strong, very strong, can read minds, see the future, also can fly either by shifting the air levels or blue flames shoot from the bottom of her feet. Favorite nephew of Zeus and Hades. And well known throughout the mortal world.

    Hope u guys like it!!!! I shall be posting my pic of her soon. But meanwhile, you can check out some of my drawings on my facebook @:!/profile.php?id=100002503748129&sk=photos

    and just go to profile pics...:)

  26. Jack
    Son of Zeus
    weapons are electricuted armor, and lightning bolt
    hair is black, eyes are blue
    weapons have his name on them

  27. Brook Uchiha
    Daughter of Apollo
    Weapons: Sword that has electricity running through it
    Weapon Name: Winder (Greek: Kourdistís)
    Appearence: Dark brown hair that goes to end of sholder blade (normally tied in pony-tail), Brown/Hazel eyes.
    Normally Wearing: Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt, Black jeans, Black shoes with Sharingan on sides, Camp Half-Blood beads (right now: Obgained 3), a white and red checkered belt, a jacket with a high collar and no front zipper (To See Look Up: Sasuke in Road to Ninja) dark purple with Uchiha crest large middle of back.

    Brook's Bio: My name is Brook Uchiha. I like to fight with my sword Winder, and i dont like to be kept waiting long. I dont like people who annoy me. My hobbies are training in the forest or the arena. My purpose in life is to become the strongest demigod.

  28. Jaegen Bruton
    Son of Poseidon
    Date of Birth:June 25,2000
    abilities:can center Poseidon's power to help him in battle,can breathe underwater,can speak for Poseidon
    weapons:Sharkheart(long,blue,and powerful 1 handed sword that can summon Poseidon's powers as well as summon sharks),Moonlight(a black celestial bronze knife),and Sea Trident(a blue trident)
    appearance:blue eyes,medium brown hair,pale skin,long and fairly shaggy hair that is extremely soft,usually straight hair,fairly muscular but not ripped
    usually wearing:camp half-blood T-shirt,dark blue jeans,unzipped short sleeved jet black jacket with many pockets,white Reebok sneakers,4 bracelets(2 are blue 1 is red and 1 is black),and camp half blood beads(currently wearing 4)
    equipment:black glove that grows and spins until it is a Stygian Iron Shield,night vision goggles,thermal vision goggles,knife scabbard on belt,sword scabbard on belt,and a trident holder on his back

  29. Shyla Brown
    Daughter of Poseidon
    Age: 13 years old
    Warm brown hair that falls to her waist (gets lighter in the sunlight), Has crystal blue eyes that nobody can forget,5’0 ft., Long eye lashes, Fair skin, gentle to the touch, Strikingly beautiful, Usually in blue and always in black converse
    Weapons: Blue Trident (has electricity on the end) built by Hephaestus, given as a gift from her uncle Zeus; Bow and arrows made with celestial bronze, given as a gift from the goddess Artemis
    -Born on June 7, 2000 from her father Poseidon and her mother Bella, a demigod, daughter of Aphrodite, she would become one of the strongest demigods after her brother Percy Jackson who she didn’t even know existed. Shyla is sly, clever, outgoing, determined, loyal, beautiful (from her mother), charming, fast, and humorous. Lethal to all monsters by her outstanding combat and persuasive charm of looking in her eyes, she can easily make you do whatever she pleases. This power attracts many jealous, evil gods who want to use her powers for their own.
    Pets: a white Pegasus with golden wings, named Lightning

  30. Leonidas Lin
    Son of Poseidon
    Age: 13 years old, born 1999 September 16
    Dirty blonde hair, Camp half blood shirt and jeans, celestial bronze sword, and breast plate armor.
    Weapons: Trident, celestial bronze sword gift from Hermes, bow and arrows gift from Artemis.

  31. Jace 14 years old
    son of Zeus. Appearance:
    Golden blonde hair,camp half-blood t-shirt and jeans with cellestial Bronze sorwd.Weapons:sword,Sheild,Bralcelet that make a mini-bolt

  32. Yo anyone know how to make a pic on this?

  33. Bella
    16 years old
    Daughter of Athena
    Curly waist length black hair, green eyes, pretty in a dangerous way
    celestial bronze sword and knife,silver bow and arrows
    She's super smart and is really nice, but she's lethal to anyone who crosses her

  34. Bailey......
    14 years old......
    Son of Thanatos......
    short but shaggy black w/ natural red highlights, dark eyes, pale but still have some color (pale from living in the underworld w/ my father), dark clothes......
    Stygian Iron sword(like Nico de Angelos)......
    Like my father Thanatos, no matter what enemy I kill, they will always die...
    Single, smart, like children of athena

  35. Krista
    Daughter of Poseidon, Hunter of Artemis.
    Greenish Grey eyes, Black short shaggy hair. Freckles.
    Skin tan, Blue and silver clothes (likes to stay in the shadows like children of Hades)
    Bow and arrows, Celestial bronze/imperial gold dagger.

    She is less social and more observant, She watches her opponent before she attacks. She has a pet hell hound but it is a puppy so it is the size of a full grown great Dane.

  36. Liliana Ashcrow
    13 years old
    Daughter of Apollo
    platinum blonde hair and bright green eyes
    weapon: golden bow and arrow that will erupt in a ball of blinding light when she's in danger
    very tan
    very smart and easily hurt emotionally

  37. Name: Abby Deston
    Age: 14
    Greek Parent: Posiden
    Mortal Parent: Zoe Deston
    Birthplace: Londen, England
    Current Living Place: Camp Half Blood
    How long have you been at Camp Half-Blood?: 7 years
    Physical description: red hair in a braid that goes to the middle of back, green eyes, light grey shirt, black leggings, convers.
    Likes: horses, books, fighting
    Dislikes: bugs, death, mean people, and titains
    Short Story: ran away from home because of abuse and fright. she looked for some were to hide. then she found Camp!
    Weapon of choice: Celestial bronze knife and sword
    Which character would be their best friend?: Percy and Annabeth
    Which character would be their boy/girlfriend?: Leo Valedez
    Other: is very smart and rides horses!

  38. Mitchel Rahabastan
    Bruce Rahabastan
    Camp Half-Blood
    Hood less jacket, black shoes, black hair
    I like anything black or blue and gold
    I hate bugs and dull
    My mom told me about this; Hecate
    Nico, Chris, Jason
    I'm very smart

  39. Alonzo Tabron
    Sandra tabron
    Las Vagas, Navada
    Camp half-blood
    Black top, red shoes, black and red gloves
    Likes AK-47
    Dislikes Flowers
    Mark, Sherman and Travis
    Thalia Grace
    Likes revenge

  40. Jaydin Johnson
    Marion, Michigan
    Camp Half-Blood
    Likes to wear: leather jacket, black jeans, and sneakers.
    Likes: Archery, Daggers, And Pegasi
    Dislikes: Cold Weather, People who pretend to be something they are not.
    Siblings: Will Solace, Michael Yew, Kayla, Austin, Lucy, Lee Fletcher.

  41. recently got bracelet with arrows engraved on the stone. from my father Apollo

  42. Kaylin Goodman
    Reed City, Michigan
    Camp Half-Blood
    Likes to wear: girly-girl style clothes with a strong splash of
    Likes: Pegasi, dagger, And sword
    Dislikes: Cold Weather, Poofy clothing.
    Siblings: Piper Mclean, Lacy Rickshaw, Drew Tanaka, Mitchell Sean, Selena B.

  43. Jaydin Johnson has sandy blonde hair, light blue eyes, tan skin, and hands fit for an archer.

  44. Lucy McSolars
    Miami, Florida
    Camp Half-Blood
    Likes to wear: Light jeans, camp shirts, and high-top sneakers.
    Likes: Archery, battle, and quests
    Dislikes: Alaska, death, and Octavian
    Siblings: Lee Fletcher, Michael Yew, Will Solace, Austin, Kayla
    Looks: Strawberry blonde hair, tan skin, freckles, scar on collar-bone from hellhound claw

  45. Sarah Yung
    New York City, New York
    Camp Half-Blood
    Likes to wear: Dark shorts, long t-shirts, tennis-shoes
    Likes: Swords, children, and running
    Dislikes: Old people, and the fates
    Siblings: Marcus Pauls, Pauly Yung, Maia, Meekus, Mary Cook
    Looks: Long black hair, Asian tan, and small scar on nose from a wolf claw

  46. Laurel White
    Columbus, Ohio
    Camp Half-Blood
    Likes to wear: Boot-cut jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers
    Likes: Archery, daggers, and hiking
    Dislikes: Children of Ares, and swords
    Siblings: Will Solace, Michael Yew, Lee Fletcher
    Looks: Dark blonde hair, light tan, some freckles, blue eyes

  47. Lucy McSolars has blue eyes the color of crystals

  48. Maia Kayas
    New York City, New York
    Camp Half-Blood
    Likes to wear: Jeans, t-shirts, sneakers
    Likes: Animals, CHB, and knives
    Dislikes: Swords, and fighting
    Siblings: Selena, Piper, Lacy, Mitchell, Drew
    Looks: Dark black hair, tan, green eyes, scar on hand from manticore

  49. Paul Yung
    Seattle, Washington
    Likes to wear: shorts, long shirts, and flip flops
    Likes: Monsters, wolves, and swords
    Dislikes: old people, and turtle necks
    Siblings: twin-sister Sarah Yung
    Looks: Light brown hair, brown eyes, light scan, birth mark in the shape of a sword on collar bone

  50. Sarah and don't live together because their stepmom thinks she is the real mom and is divorced to their dad and has Sarah and the dad has Paul.

  51. I meant Sarah and Paul not Sarah and _

  52. Nick Femers
    Denver, Colorado
    Likes to wear: Pants, Long sleeves, leather boots
    Likes: archery, wolves, and predator birds
    Dislikes: Paul Yung, and snakes
    Siblings: The children of Apollo
    Looks: Light brown hair, Crystal blue eyes, tan skin, and a scar on the back of his neck from a fury who picked him up and nearly shredded him

  53. Makaya Buds
    Kansas City, Kansas
    Likes to wear: Farming clothes, and boots
    Likes: Scythes, fruit, and salad
    Dislikes: Unhealthy food, and children of Ares
    Siblings: Miranda Gardiner, and Katie Gardner
    Looks: Light black hair, tan skin, greenish-brown eyes, and a tiny flower tattoo on her collar-bone

  54. Mary Cook
    L.A., California
    Likes to wear: Jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes
    Likes: Swords, daggers, and his mom
    Siblings: Paul and Sarah Yung
    Looks: Brown hair with a pink streak, tannish skin, green eyes, and braces

  55. Jake Lovton
    Naples, Florida
    Likes to wear: jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers
    Likes: Puppies, daggers, and boots
    Dislikes: Drew Tanaka, and children of Hebe
    Siblings: Drew Tanaka, Piper McLean, other children of Aphrodite
    Looks: Blonde hair, green eyes, tan skin, and freckles

  56. Samantha Baldwin
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Likes to wear: Rainbow shirts, pegasi print pants, and cowgirl boots
    Likes: sun, pegasi, and rain
    Dislikes: Violence, and children of Ares
    Siblings: Butch Walker, and Will Walker
    Looks: Red hair, green eyes that change to blue, pale skin, and freckles

  57. Isabell Bontekoe
    Marion, Michigan
    Likes to wear: tomboyish clothes, boots, and a necklace with a torch on it
    Likes: Animals, swords, and daggers
    Dislikes: Children of Aphrodite
    Siblings: Lou Ellen
    Looks: Light blonde hair, blue eyes, light tan skin, and freckles

  58. Lacy Rickshaw
    New York City, New York
    Likes to wear: Jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers
    Likes: Quests, fun, and "pretty pegasi"
    Dislikes: Drew Tanaka, and swords
    Siblings: Drew Tanaka, Selena B., Piper McLean, and Mitchell Sean
    Looks: Blonde Pigtails, green eyes, tan skin, and a small dove shaped birth mark on her ankle

  59. Will Walker
    Orlando, Florida
    Likes to wear: Leather jacket, jeans, and boots
    Likes: Pegasi, and fighting
    Dislikes: Children of Ares
    Siblings: Butch Walker
    Looks: Brown Hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and small scar on nose from a stick

  60. Beck Eastwood
    New Mexico
    Wears: v necks, jeans, vans, beanies
    Friends: Grayson Reed(son of Apollo) James Gardner(son of Athena) and Wren Upton(daughter of ares)
    Weapon: blue blade, hilt silver and red

  61. It doesn't say play how am I going to create my own car after if I can't even play it

  62. It doesn't say play how am I going to create my own car after if I can't even play it

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  64. Colton Voegerl
    Wears: Black Leather Sleeveless-Hooded Trench coat and Black long-sleeve shirt
    Girlfriend: Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano
    Rivals: Jason Grace, Percy Jackson and Clarisse LaRue
    Weapons: Black Stygian Iron Swords(Tempest and Erebus)
    Powers: Shadow Travel and Gem Manipulation

  65. Griffon Grace
    son of Athena
    wears: CHB shirt, black jeans, black leather jacket
    currently has 6 beads on necklace
    weapons: dagger, Aegis, Celestial bronze twin kitanas(Nyx, Chaos)
    lives in NYC

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  68. Meri
    Has dyed blue hair with sea green/blue eyes
    Daughter of Poseidon, Legacy of Apollo
    wears: CHB shirt + black shorts.
    currently has 9 beads on necklace.
    weapons: triple dagger named κοράλλι.
    lived in Rhode Island until age five(when she came to camp)
    backstory: parents threw her out right before she turn age 5. A satyr found her in the middle of a fight with 2 cyclops dressed as clowns. Brought her safely to Camp & stayed in the Hermes camp until Percy came along. Also went on the Lightning Thief quest to findout who her godly parent is.
    friends: Percy, Annabeth, Will, Nico, Hazel,Zoe, Leo, Reyna, Bianca, Frank, Grover,Piper, Thalia, Luke(formerly), Tyson.